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Here You will find all the information, benefits, rules and steps how to join Movement LAB community :)

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Fit by Wix
Mobile App for Class Booking


Included benefits

  • We accept cards, cash, bank transfers and mobile app payments

  • Unlimited Online Coaching Sessions (longevity, fitness, nutrition, habits, stress control)

  • Workout programs and resistance bands for your holiday

  • Shower Towels

  • Hair dryers

  • Good coffee + Almond milk

  • Table water

  • Hair Ties, Make-Up Cleaner, etc.



  • Class cancelation allowed not less than 8 h before class.

  • Class booking allowed not less than 1 h before class. But if you see free spots in class - please join. Trainer will book class for you :)

  • You can book class for you and your friend also (credit will be charged for each person)

  • 1/4/8/10/12 Class memberships available for 4 weeks.

  • Class duration 55 min.

  • Outdoor shoes not allowed.

  • Sweating a lot? We have sweat towels. Please use them.

  • Please clean you mat after session.


Have any questions, ideas or just want to talk? :)


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